[heading style=”1″]Medjool Dates[/heading] We are experts in growing Medjool Dates. The Medjool date is considered the finest date grown in the world. They are informally known as the “king of dates,” the “diamond of dates,” or the “crown jewel of dates” in reference to their elevated position. In ancient times, only the rich and royal were privy to this one time exclusive, delectable fruit. Today, everyone can enjoy Desert Star Farms Medjool Dates!

Medjool dates only contain about 66 calories each. They are a good source of fiber and contain high levels of the essential minerals potassium, magnesium, copper, and manganese. Most do contain a significant amount of fruit sugar and are low in fat, and sodium. Dates in general contain more potassium then a banana, and are rich in iron.

Medjool dates derive from date palm trees and originate in the Middle East and North African coast and the Arabic Peninsula, but they can be cultivated in a number of desert-like regions around the world. California is a great state to cultivate Medjool dates.

We know the Medjool date is much harder to grow than other date varieties because of how sensitive the fruits are to air quality and soil moisture. Our unique technique yields tender, sweet, plump Medjool dates that are ready to be eaten as a snack or for your favorite recipes.